Outback Govie is the work of Catherine Wiencke. Catherine is originally from the UK. She worked in  various educational roles before deciding to travel to Australia in 2014 where she spent three years working as a governess on Liveringa Station.
The decision to take a job as a governess was a life changing one in many ways as within weeks she met a ringer or ‘jackaroo’ who she went on to marry. They now live in New South Wales with their daughter and continue to work in the cattle industry.
Catherine is an experienced senior teacher and teacher trainer. She is passionate about education and the right of every child to have access to a quality education regardless of location. 

What is Outback Govie?

Outback Govie seeks to support remote families and governesses through two main services.

Firstly, Outback Govie is a source of information for governesses and educators. We aim to provide regular, relevant content on issues related to teaching in general, distance education and the role of a governess. We promote and support governesses through our online community whereby stories, experiences and ideas can be shared. Governesses can also search for jobs on our jobs board. We welcome contributions from governesses and families.

Secondly, our Jobs Board offers an advertising service for Australian governess vacancies, simply click on services, choose from a basic or premium governess advert and then complete the advert form in the secure checkout. We then create your advert and post it on the website and our linked social media pages. Purchasing an advert will also allow you to access the 'Jobseeker' area of the website.

We recognise that the search for a governess can be costly and time consuming. We have tried to keep charges to an absolute minimum but do need to charge a small amount in order to continue to cover the costs of the website. 

If you find outbackgovie.com useful, purchasing an advert is a great way to show your support.