Jobseeker Preview - Mechanic and Experienced Primary Teacher

Berdien De Vloed

Key Information 

Experienced Belgian primary teacher with love for teaching, music and crafts seeks a governess role asap for 2nd year visa.

Travelling with her Australian partner, who is also looking for work and is a qualified mechanic (also happy to work in other roles).


I am looking forward to finding a job as a governess for many reasons. Mostly because I want to be part of the whole outback experience; teaching the children, living on the farm, developing and improving new skills and becoming part of the family.

I would be a valuable asset for the family with my experience as a primary teacher, creative soul, dry humour, flexible attitude and open communication skills.

I am not afraid to learn or to be flexible. I am so excited to get the opportunity to make this dream come true and enjoy it to the fullest!

Relevant Skills And Qualifications

2006 Art school
2009 Bachelor cinematography
2011 Photography
2014 Bachelor Primary teacher (Internship Turkey)
2018 Working with children check (VIC)

2019 Farmwork: manual labour, mowing, horse riding, whipper snipping, poisoning,...
2014 Primary teacher 2nd grade for 4 years
2007 Manual driving license
2004 10 years of volunteer work with disadvantaged youth and children

I have relevant experience in gardening, manual labour, basic horse and sheep experience, basic fencing and basic house renovation..

I grew up in the countryside and I helped to rebuild my house.I have further experience in hospitality, administration, film, photography and singing.

Dutch- Fluent
English- Fluent
French - Basic

Singing, dance salsa, crafting, travel, photography, jewellery, songwriting, ...


I am available from today and would love a job asap.
I will be available until the 3rd week of September. I need to leave Australia to apply for my second working holiday visa for Australia. If things go well I am happy to resume when I return.

Other Information

Need to fulfill my 88 days before the 20th of September.
Current Location is the area of Rockhampton.
My partner is a qualified mechanic and Australian citizen who is also looking for work.

My partner owns a van that we are travelling in.