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Outbackgovie is dedicated to connecting remote families with governesses. We produce relevant content for potential governesses on the website and linked social media accounts. 

As part of our work we offer a jobs board service. If you would like to use this service follow the steps below.

1. Read our terms and conditions.

2. Click on the 'advertise now' button below to complete your job advert. Please ensure you complete the form with as much information as possible in order to prevent a delay in your job post appearing online.

3. If you wish a personal photo or company logo to appear with your advert email with the images after you have completed the job advert.

4. Should you wish to make any changes to your advert, or if the position has been filled and you wish the advert to be removed, let us know at

5. Your advert will appear on, social media linked to and relevant social media groups and pages. We allow other people to 'share' job postings on social media.


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If you would like to discuss your advert further contact info@outbackgovie.