Overseas Teachers- Visas and Paperwork

If you are an overseas teacher you will need to ensure you have completed the relevant paperwork before applying for a governess job in Australia. Here we have created a basic guide to the essential paperwork and documents you will need. A lot of the documents can be completed online (some before you arrive in Australia).

The following information is provided as a guide only. Always check with the relevant official website.


In order to get this visa you must

- have a passport from an eligible country

- be over 18 years of age but under 31 years of age

- not be travelling with a dependent child

For full information on this visa visit this page.

This visa allows eligible candidates to work and travel around Australia for a year. You can stay with one employer for up to six months only except in certain circumstances which are detailed here.

The cost of the visa is currently $440 AUD.


It is possible to apply for a second year Working Holiday Visa, there are several  requirements including the requirement to have worked for three months (88 days) undertaking specified work in regional Australia. Working as a governess does not count towards the specified work but it is possible in some situations to combine your role with other farm work in order to meet the requirement. Some employers are more than happy to arrange this and are familiar with the procedure. If you require a second year visa, talk to your potential employer about it and ensure you have all the information.


Becoming sponsored as a governess is not unheard of (it happened to me) but is also not that common. If a family wants to sponsor you be aware that sponsorship generally requires you to stay in that role for four years at which point you can apply for residency. There are exceptions (in my case the company had recently morphed into a bigger company and so I was offered a one year sponsorship). Four years with one family is a big commitment on both sides which is possibly one of the reasons why it is an uncommon option.

Other Paperwork


Each state in Australia has a different system for Working with Children (WWC) checks. You may need your employer to verify the position before you can apply for the check. Therefore, you are better off waiting until  an offer of employment has been made and completing the check with your employer.

A criminal record or WWC check from your home country is not usually required but it's good practice to offer a new employer your current clearance certificate if you have one. Australian WWC's only check your record in Australia which offers limited protection to families. The more people who also offer a WWC from their home country the more likely an employer will make it a future requirement for oversees employees thus creating a safer industry.


A current first aid certificate is a definite advantage. As a governess you will be responsible for the children for a significant part of each day in a remote setting. There may also be times when parents and other staff will be working far away from the school room. If you are actively interested in applying for a governess role it is highly recommended to undertake a first aid course before you apply for a role.


A digital copy of your qualifications is always a good idea (just scan or photograph them and email them to yourself). 

You are unlikely to need the hard copy unless you are thinking of applying for a skills visa or teaching registration.


Medicare is a government body responsible for the healthcare system. In order to receive medical care in Australia you will need a Medicare card. UK residents are covered through a reciprocal healthcare agreement but note that this does not mean you should expect the same treatment as in the UK. You often need to pay for doctors appointments (unless the surgery does 'bulk billing') and any private procedures (including X-rays and blood work done at a clinic) but any emergency treatment is covered.

It is wise to take out travel insurance in addition to applying for a medicare card.

To enroll for medicare, download and complete an enrollment form here and take it with your passport to your nearest medicare centre when you arrive in Australia.

More information about the reciprocal healthcare agreement and enrolling in medicare can be found here.

UK residents visiting Australia need to enroll in Medicare. Republic of Ireland residents do not but you will need to show your passport in order to gain treatment.


If you plan to work in Australia you must have a tax file number. You can apply for this online.


In addition to tax you will also pay some of your wages into a superannuation fund (basically a pension fund). You can open a superannuation account when you open your bank account. You can claim a proportion of this money, along with your tax, back at the end of your time in Australia.  For further information on this click here.