How to Write the Perfect Governess Job Ad

Finding the right governess or home tutor for your family can be a time consuming challenge. Writing an effective job advert can save you time and energy and make a huge difference to the response you get to your advertised role.

Increasingly families wish to employ a governess who has prior teaching experience, a childcare qualification or a teaching qualification. These potential employees are professionals who have invested time, energy and money in their careers. If you present your role in an overly casual or unprofessional way with many key details missing you are unlikely to attract these desired applicants.

What Makes a Successful Job Advert?

There are many different approaches you could take when advertising a governess position.  We've collated the advice from industry professionals in order to make the job template that we use in our job postings. 

We've also adapted this free job template which you are welcome to download and use elsewhere.

The adapted template is from this website  which also has a great article on How to Write Job Postings that Work. 


Your job title should ideally do two things; give a clear, succinct summary of exactly who you are looking for and include a positive 'draw'of the role. For example,

'Experience Life on a Station: Enthusiastic Home Tutor Required for February Start' is immediately more engaging and informative than 'Home Tutor Required'.

Information about the role

Accurate and adequate information about the role is essential to the success of your advert. 

Your advert should clearly set out information about the role, the location, the essential and desirable criteria and, very importantly, what you offer in return.

This might include information on the job responsibilities, the living arrangements, the hours of the role, additional expectations (such as accompanying the children on school camps), even your preferred approach with the children.

Plentiful information means that you will not get as many time wasting general inquiries and will also improve your chances of attracting applicants. Potential applicants want to be informed about a role before they apply (their time is important too). An advert that is low on information will be off-putting to many serious applicants.

It is also worthwhile to include details surrounding what you offer the potential employee. While the opportunity to live on a station is a great incentive, it is potentially not enough of a draw for someone to up sticks and move across the country on their own. If you are in the position to offer a competitive salary, put it in the advert, you do not need to specify the exact amount. Also draw attention to other benefits such as food and accommodation being included. If you offer a good wage along with food and accommodation, it's a great opportunity for someone to save good money. Many potential applicants do not realise this so why not mention it in the advert?

If you are not in the position to offer a particularly competitive salary what else can you offer in the way of benefits? Are there opportunities to have use of horses, compete in rodeos or have use of a station vehicle? Is there something else the Governess could become involved with during their time with you? Or perhaps your station has something in particular to offer which could be seen as a bonus (e.g. close to an attraction, other stations or the coast). If you want to find a great governess who has a lot to offer you need to make it clear that you will offer something in return.

If you need potential applicants to have a certain additional skill, such as a drivers licence, mention it in the advert to save yourself and the applicant time.

If you require the governess/ home tutor to have an ABN, First Aid Cert, insurance etc in order to meet In Home Care criteria, you must make this clear to the employee during the application process and also consider who covers the cost of these expenses.

Be honest (and realistic)

Be honest and realistic in your job advert. If you have high standards in terms of qualifications and experience it's important to be realistic in terms of the additional duties you expect from your governess/ home tutor.

Teaching to a good standard all day is draining. The governess may not be out in the baking sun doing hard physical work but maintaining a purposeful classroom and ensuring great learning is taking place is a challenging role. If the governess is expected to do extended childcare and domestic duties in addition to their schooling responsibilities their work in the classroom is going to suffer. They simply wont have the energy to put into making sure the school room is an engaging and motivating place. Keep contact hours realistic and if needs be try to find a balance between child centered roles and other responsibilities.

Provide photos and further links

Photos are a great way to promote your role and allow the potential employee to 'see themselves' in the role. Photos of the station are great, as are photos of the school room and the family (blurring out children's faces is absolutely fine).

If your station or property has a website it's a good idea to include the link in the advert. Responsible applicants will always research the role before applying and by providing the links you are encouraging them to take the next step with the application. 

You may also consider including links to (if your station features on the site) or a relevant Facebook business page. 

Share your advert

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your role, if you're on social media use it to promote the position. Positive comments from friends and family all help to spread the word.